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New Customers

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Existing Water Meter

  • New customers who move into a property with an existing water meter should come into the LWC/HRI office in the Laie Shopping Center to fill out an LWC service application or click here to download the form. A $50 non-refundable fee must accompany the application. The application takes three working days to process, with water service commencing on the fourth working day.
  • LWC may require a $100 deposit – refundable after 12 months – from new customers who have not established a credit history with LWC or HRI.

Meter Connections

  • LWC currently charges a one-time $4,200 fee to install and connect a new water meter. After the fee is paid at the LWC/HRI office, LWC provides the meter and LWC employees install it.
  • One water meter is required per dwelling unit. All dwelling units are required to conform to City and County of Honolulu Building Code requirements. LWC has the right to refuse service to any customer that violates Building or Plumbing Code requirements.
  • Before installation, the property or homeowner is responsible for obtaining approvals from HRI's engineering department on plans to install water lines. After obtaining HRI's engineering approvals, the property or homeowner is responsible for drawing the water line from the house to the edge of the property nearest the meter site.
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