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Failure to Pay Water Bills

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LWC will work with its customers to ensure payment of water bills in a timely manner. Any customer having problems paying an LWC water bill is encouraged to contact the main office. If it becomes necessary, the State Public Utilities Commission allows that LWC may discontinue water service for any of the reasons listed below:

  • Nonpayment of bills: Water service may be discontinued for nonpayment of a bill within 30 days after the mailing or presentation of the bill to the consumer.
  • Noncompliance with LWC rules and regulations: The company has the right to discontinue service within five days after written notice of intent to do so if a consumer fails to comply with the company's rules and regulations, or tampers with LWC service facilities.
  • Unauthorized use of water: LWC may refuse or discontinue water service, without notice, to protect itself against fraud, abuse, or unauthorized use of water.
  • Wasteful use of water: LWC may discontinue service if negligent or wasteful use of water is not corrected within five days after written notice to the consumer of intent to do so.
  • Service detrimental to others: LWC may refuse to furnish water, and may discontinue the service to any premises or consumer, where the demands of the consumer will result in inadequate service to others.
  • A consumer is about to vacate premises: A consumer about to vacate any premise supplied with water by LWC shall give notice of his or her intention to vacate at least 15 days prior thereto, specifying the date service is desired to be discontinued; otherwise, the consumer shall be responsible for all water service furnished to such premises until LWC terminates the service. Click here to stop service/terminate account.

Please call our main office if you have any questions about your Laie Water Company service at 293-7017.

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