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Educational Information About LTW

Plant Transfer To The City Q&A Regarding The New System Educational Information About LTW

Laie Water Reclamation Facility

Laie Wastewater Reclamation Facility Map

A: Administration/Maintenance building; B: Pump station #1; C: Ultraviolet disinfection station; D: Effluent filters; E: Flow equalization basin; F: Pump station #2; G: Headworks; H: Dewatering Building; I: Bio-solids Co-composting area; J: Sludge storage; K: Secondary treatment units; L: Blower building;

Key buildings at the LWRF include:

Headworks: This is the first phase in the treatment process (G). The headworks screens and splits the wastewater flow to the secondary units. This is the tallest point of the facility.

Secondary units: During the second phase in the treatment process (K), wastewater is biologically treated and the solids and liquids are separated. This biological phase is responsible for 90% of the treatment process.

Filters: This is the third phase, or tertiary level, (D) in the treatment process. During this process a final filtration of the wastewater is applied before the disinfection process.

Ultraviolet disinfection system: During this final part of the treatment process (C), ultraviolet radiation lamps safely disinfect the effluent water from remaining bacteria. The water is then reclaimed for irrigation purposes.

Sludge storage tank: These tanks (J) store sludge produced from the secondary process prior to dewatering and composting.

Dewatering building: This building (H) houses pumps, blowers, and equipment necessary to extract the water, or "dewater" the sludge. The resulting bio-product is then mixed with green waste (leaves, chipped wood, etc.) and allowed to naturally turn into compost (I) which is recycled.

Blower building: This building (L) houses a back-up generator, main electrical distribution panels and blowers for plant operations.

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